Winter Sports Awards

Submit your 2019 Winter Sports Awards Recipients/Designations below.

Submission Deadline – March 1, 2019

  • Name Entry Format (First & Last) | Example – John Doe
  • Make sure you enter names in the correct location (Varsity, JV, or Manager)
    • Manager Entry Format (First & Last – Varsity -or- JV) | Example | John Doe – JV
    • Middle School Coaches – Please enter all names within “Varsity” designation.
  • Specialty Award Entry Format (First & Last – Name of Award) | Example – John Doe – Offensive MVP
    • 3 Specialty Awards are paid for by the Athletic Department. Additional Awards will either be paid out of Team account, or personally by Head Coach.
    • In order to add addition lines/entries within the Specialty Award Section, simply press the “+” button.

Please double-check all entries before submitting. Missed student-athlete’s will not show up in the program, and will not have the necessary certificates/awards created. Which as you can imagine is not ideal.

2019 Winter Sports Awards

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