LSC Building Request Form

Lakeland School Corporation
0825 E 075 N
LaGrange, IN 46761


*Competition or Auxiliary Gymnasium (for educational/civic functions) –  $10.00 (per hour)

*Competition or Auxiliary Gymnasium (for entertaining/recreational functions) – $100.00 (per hour)
*Wrestling Room – $10.00 (per hour)

*The landing: 2nd Floor HS – $10.00 (per hour)

*Track – $10.00 (per hour)

*Weight Room – $10.00 (per hour)

*Football Field – $10.00 (per hour)

* denotes AD approval required

Parking lot – $10.00(per hour)

Auditorium (Charitable events) – $25.00 (per session)

Auditorium (Commercial activities) – $125.00 (per session)

Classrooms/Community Room – $10.00 (per hour)

Computer Labs or Media Center – $10.00 (per hour)

Dining Room (educational/civic) – $10.00 (per session)

Dining Room (entertainment/recreational) – $25.00 (per session)

Kitchen: Cooking (Only with Food service staff support) – $10.00 (per session)

Kitchen: Facilities/No Cooking – $10.00 (per session)

Food Service Personnel Fee – $25.00 per hour

Custodial Service Personnel Fee – $25.00 per hour

  • :
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  • * denotes AD approval

  • *Building Use fees may be waived, but custodial and/or food service personnel fees may still apply.

  • *The responsible party named agrees to pay the listed rental, custodial, and/or kitchen fees for the marked facility. (Please make checks payable to: Lakeland School Corporation) IF WAIVER OF FEES IS REQUESTED- Written request must be attached. Request for waiver of building fees does not automatically include waiver of personnel fees.