Chenille Patch Orders

Patches – Patches will be purchased for NECC regular season championships or IHSAA Sectional, Regional, Semi-State, and State Championship team members. Only one patch, per sport, per year, will be awarded to team members.  In the case of multiple championships, one patch representing all NECC or IHSAA championships will be awarded, with the exception of a state championship.  All other patches must be purchased by the student-athlete through the athletic office, using this online order form.

Paid for by Athletic Department – NECC All Conference, NECC Tournament and/or Regular Season Champoinships, IHSAA level qualifiers (Regional, Semi-State, State), and level Championships (Sectional, Regional, Semi-State, & State).

Paid for by Student-Athletes – NECC Honorable Mention, All-Area, Coaches Assoc. All-State, HSR Indoor State Qualifier, etc ($15.00 per patch)

Chenille Patch Order