Girls Junior Varsity Softball, Girls Varsity Softball · Bowman to Lead Varsity Softball Program

LAGRANGE, IN –  The Lakeland Athletic Department has made a decision in regards to the next leader of the Varsity Softball program, and it comes with great excitement. Katie Bowman will be hired to lead the student-athletes, and all efforts regarding the Lakeland Softball program (Pending Board Approval on January 13th)! This comes after an extensive interview process.

Katie is a current employee at Lakeland School Corporation (1st grade teacher at Lakeland Primary School). She is also an alumni of Lakeland, having attended here in 1994 – 1998. Katie, an outstanding softball athlete for the Lakers, was a part of 2 IHSAA Sectional Championship teams, and was able to earn multiple honors. Her success on the field is what allowed her to continue on to the next level and play for the Cougars of  Saint Francis. She attended USF and competed primarily as a pitcher from 1998 – 2001.

After graduating from USF, Bowman began her career as a teacher with Lakeland School Corporation. Along with her teaching career, her coaching career began as well. In 2003 she served as the Varsity Assistant Coach for Prairie Heights. Since then she has had opportunities coaching for the LaGrange Softball League, the Indiana Breeze Travel Team, the LaGrange/Noble County Softball League, and she has worked as a volunteer within the Lakeland Varsity Softball program (2004-Present).

Through the multiple stage interview process, Katie showed a strong cultural and department alignment, knowledge for the game, expertise in the area of pitching, humility, strong leadership qualities, a hunger for success, and a mindset for student-athlete development. “I have big shoes to fill, but am very excited for this next challenge and look forward to helping these young ladies succeed,” Bowman said.

Athletic Director, Roman Smith, on the hire, “Her alignment with our culture and what we are trying to build as an athletic department gives us clarity in our decision. Positioning Katie in this role allows for a lot of possibilities! We are confident that she will utilize her platform to positively impact our student-athletes, while also building upon the success of Lakeland Softball. Her plan to engage our youth through clinics and other avenues showed us that she is truly ready to build a program of excellence. Also, her expertise in pitching was something that really stood out to us as well. Her knowledge and ability to develop pitchers, we believe, will help to complete a strong defensive line-up. We are thankful, excited, and ready to go with Katie Bowman as the leader of our Softball program!”

An announcement will go out at a later time regarding an introductory meeting with student-athletes and parents. At this time, we will plan to begin open gym’s, under Coach Bowman’s leadership, after the Holiday break (Tuesday, January 7th).